Friday, August 17, 2012

Travels With My Sister - Jaffa's flea market

My sister and I often go on fascinating, exhausting shopping trips.

Our destination is most often Tel Aviv. Tel Aviv is very hot in the summer and the humidity can be hard to bear, but the city never disappoints and we always discover new things.
Flea market
We began this trip in Jaffa's flea market, and to be precise in a small café in the center of the flea market.

It was difficult to get up and leave after an hour, the breakfast, the chair and the air conditioning in favor of the heat outside but our schedule was tight.

Flea market
The flea market in Jaffa is always surprising in the variety it carries and its colorfulness.
We tried on second-hand clothes and jewelry, looked at used lamps, but did not buy anything in spite of the wide selection we found.
Flea market
Flea market

We continued to
Rina Zin's studio and bought a few clothes to put in the closet, we almost fainted over Daniella Lehavi's shoes and bags, walked into Frau Blau's and then into Obsessia because we are obsessed with second hand clothes. In Sheinkin we got a bit tired and went to eat 'Sabih' which, if you are unfamiliar, is a pita bread with fried eggplants, hard boiled eggs, and baked potatoes, with amba (Mango sauce) and tahini.

On her way home my sister stopped at IKEA for a quick buy. Shopping never tires us, on the contrary!

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