Thursday, November 25, 2010

Over the years I've succeeded to develop quite an impressive ability to improvise.
Some would call this creativity, but the way I see it, it's the end result of my being a disorganized person.
Lack of planning for the long run causes the need for major improvisation.
Last week my son was "suddenly" invited to a friend's birthday. 
luckily, I found a present that was left deep Inside my closet.
I didn't have any wrapping paper handy, so:
1. I took Cellophane paper and drew strips right on it in two different color markers (holding them all together).
2. Underneath the Cellophane paper I placed a white paper . Than I added  one of  my son's drawings  and  another layer of Cellophane ( this is where it gets more interesting and creative) and wrapped the present with them all.

Playing around with it can be a lot of fun, don't you think?
Well... here I am, talking to myself again... Oh well, good night.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Friday morning in Jerusalem (just another memorable day)

Taking a little break from Tel Aviv, the "city of lights", my husband and I are heading to the holy land of dispute, Jerusalem.
It's early in the morning now, just the perfect time for wandering around the alleys of Jerusalem. Everything is quiet , but

don't be mislead by the silence of the stones around.
The "Sabbath" is coming (Saturday.The Holy Day of the Jewish people) and there are plenty of preparations
that need to be done.
People are rushing to the "Mahane Yehuda Market",and so are we .
Escaping the massive crowd, fascinating scenes and authentic scents, we find a little quiet cafe within the market.
The only seats left are on  the bar. there are small charming hooks for hanging bags, underneath the blue bar.
What a cool idea!
Where do I put my precious bag? on the floor or on my knees? that common problem which usually irritates most women in cafes,
finely gets a reasonable answer.

Simplicity everywhere. Simple design and delicious fresh food. A place that's not trying too hard to impress anyone. How refreshing!
..We could have stayed here all day but, the clock is ticking, and we should hurry back to pick up the kids.
This is definitely a place to come back to!
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