About this blog

I'd like to introduce myself, I consider myself being a seamstress. I love making things, especially trying out new things .
Ever since I was a little girl my mother used to tell me:"we don't have to buy it -we can make it!" and so we did. My mother sew pants and knitted sweaters for me and even embroidered pictures. That's where I got the idea that it was possible to make anything all by yourself, and I mean ANYTHING.
One day I found an old type writer in a kindergarten's back yard and carried it all the way home. I wanted to fix it so I could start writing my own books(I wanted to become a writer). Well, it didn't work out. Luckily for me, Einstein's Word Processor soon after had been invented
I used to sew my own clothes from old sheets, but my first ordered job as a seamstress, was in the third grade. I was to make a dress for Miss-Barby-Universe competition that we had organized
The turning point of my career though, occurred when my aunt Fela closed down her exclusive fashion fabrics store. My mother and I drove all the way to Tel-Aviv ,looking for bargains. I had never seen such fabrics before. Well... we took what we could: glowing green taffeta with purple sequins, Stripped Chiffon, lots of dripping chiffon, and soft viscose...I turned those fabrics into kimonos and bat sleeved shirts. Back then in the 80's it worked pretty well.
When I grew up I became bags designer, but that's another story.
Things that we create just for pleasure are simply exciting!!!
Let's share our ideas!
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