Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Recycling: How To Make Hats Out Of A Dress

 Holly Hobbie Dress Style

The summer is coming and my four years old daughter had asked me to make her a summer hat.

I couldn’t find the right fabric for that project at home, so, I’ve decided to take one of her unused Holly Hobbie's dresses and recycle it.

I knew I was going to need another piece of fabric for the lining of the hat, so, I took a remainder of a tablecloth, which I had been saving exactly for that kinds of occasions. I just love to see an old garment becomes new again…

I loved the buttons back of the dress so I used it for decorating the top of the hat. I’ve always been exciting by little details. 

This hat is a little big for my daughter's head, big  enough to hold any hair style, and also protect her from the sun.  


I didn’t use flizelin this time, but I usually do, it helps stabilizing the fabric before sewing.
It was fun to sew, I must do it again soon!
Download Hat Pattern

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