Monday, April 30, 2012

How To Make A Doll's Clothes' Closet - "IKEA" For Barbies

I’m a great fan of Do It Yourself projects, If I need a box, I’ll find one Instead of making or buying one.  It’s easier,  fast and far more ecological.
Barbie Closet
Doll Clothes Closet

Joan Steiner Look -A Like
My real interest in making things out of everyday found objects began when I first found  Joan Steiner's Look-A Like book. In Joan Steiner's books everything actually was something else. Ever since I’ve tried doing the same without much success.

Nevertheless, I still keep trying because it’s exciting to watch a familiar object transfer into something else.
A Few days ago I’ve noticed that my daughter’s Barbie's outfits are scattered all over the house. 

I thought she could use a miniature Barbie wardrobe instead of using the doll’s bathtub for storage.

I decided to use my good old tea-box for the doll's closet. Up to now this box was perfect for carrying my drawing class art supplies, but never mind that…
I painted the inside of the box shocking pink (acrylic), it's her favorite color, what can I say???

I  fixed six round screw hooks (as small and thin as I could’ve found) into the frame of the box. Three pairs of  hooks in total.
Shoe Hanger
Doll Clothes Storage, Shoe Hanger made from a laundry bag

I tied the hooks with black satin ribbon and used the last pair as shoe hanger which I’ve made from my overused laundry bag.

I attached two Triangle Hangers so the closet could hang on the wall.
I’ve made some tiny hangers for Barbie's clothes and used some clips as well.
How To Make A Barbie Closet
Barbie Clothes Closet

It was fun to play IKEA for a moment…

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