Thursday, February 2, 2012

Valentine’s Day Crafts Ideas - Adding A Personal Touch To Your Presents

Here it comes again, that valentine’s day…I wish I had known how to celebrate this occasion. To be honest, many years of happy marriage doesn’t make it easier, on the contrary, I’ve already used all the good ideas in several variations during the years, and I guess this whole ceremony feels a little sticky and artificial. I mean, why now? Shouldn’t we celebrate our love every day

Keeping that spark of love in a long term relationship is a daily job. This “spark” is slightly pampered, and must be preserved as well as nourished constantly. Now valentines comes, and forces me to evoke long-forgotten feelings as excitement, heart bits, blushing, daydreaming (there’re probably more that I’d forgotten about). Who needs that? I’m feeling comfortable in my own peaceful routine.

“What should I buy him??? I’m not going to make a big fuss of it.”
I’ll try to find out what "valentine's day gift" he’d like to have. Sometimes it’s really hard to figure out men, but we women, do have our ways. It should also be taken into consideration that he doesn’t want anything, and wishes that I let saint valentine rest in peace.

The main issue to take care of is to let him know exactly what I expect him to buy me, where to find it, what color (and he’d better hurry, before the dill is over).

Finally, I’ll take him to a romantic restaurant where we could surprise each other with our lovely gifts. Life is full of surprises isn’t it?
Of course It’s The thought that counts, and not the price, therefore adding a little personal touch to a present is essential. Here are a few samples I’ve made:

Merry Valentine's Day!

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