Thursday, December 2, 2010

Recycling and nostalgia

 I'm not the kind of person to accumulate just anything. Usually ,I don't get attached to things such as clothes, furniture or even my own paintings.
On the contrary,the rejoicing of throwing is more like me.
I love making room for new stuff, my strategy here is trying not to get too nostalgic no matter what!
Beautiful work of Ester Venger ,my mother's aunt, made with different types of seeds

Although, there are moments when I think: maybe I can use this lamp for decorating the kids' room. Maybe this shirt will look great if I just cut off the sleeves...
that's when I know the recycling freak that within me is coming out! therefore, I have to lie down for a moment and let it go a way.
Here's an object that survived my Memories elimination lust.
A picture I made of  FIMO ,for my grandmother

A picture I made of fimo ,for my grandmother when I was a young girl.
That's the nature of old stuff. they keep on bringing up old memories, and maybe it isn't so bad after all.
SIGAL SELLA doll art printed on fabric
SIGAL SELLA doll art printed on fabric

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